Dec 29, 2008

Outlook 2007 and GoDaddy Email

After reinstalling Windows XP on my laptop (more on that in another blog perhaps ) I couldn't get Outlook 2007 to connect to the incoming email server  for my GoDaddy account. When I first reinstalled Microsoft Office and ran Outlook, Outlook offers to automatically set up your accounts. I foolishly allowed it to do so. It didn't work of course (although it did work for my gmail account).


I then went to the GoDaddy site and read the online help about how to use their email with Outlook 2007. It boils down to using the following

incoming mail server:
outgoing mail
Then use the More Settings... button and on the Outgoing Server tab check
the top checkbox that indicates you need authentication. Then use the
radio button that says to use the same settings as the incoming mail server. Pop over to the Advanced tab and use port 110 for incoming and port 25 for
outgoing (I have also had ISPs that required the outgoing to be port 80). 
HOWEVER THIS DIDN"T WORK - even though all the settings are correct.
I believe what happened is when I let Outlook try to auto configure the
email it makes some setting that forevermore screws up the account.
Highlight the account of interest and use the Remove button to completely delete the account. Start over from scratch and this time when you get to the "Auto Account Setup" step, check the Manually configure.... checkbox near the bottom. It worked for me.

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