Nov 3, 2008

Vote NO on Prop 8

Just noticed I was getting ads from the mean-spirited bigots that are trying to move this country backwards on civil rights. Gee you'd think we didn't already go through this once with miscegenation. If you vote yes on this proposition you either aren't thinking straight, or you are just irrationally homophobic. 
The arguments for Prop 8 are completely specious. The voting material claims that the best way to raise a child is in a traditional family. So? Even if I grant them the point, what does that have to do with prop 8? It's not like allowing same sex marriages has any impact. Don't the folks that believe in marriage feel it would be better to have  a child raised by a MARRIED same sex couple rather than by one "living in sin"?  Hmmm, wait they're actually saying we should have same sex marriages right? If it's better to raise children in homes of married couples, then if you are for what's best for children then you must be voting no on Prop 8. 
The other big argument is that they will teach Gay Marriage on our schools. Assuming it's true (which it isn't ) what difference does it make? Is marriage such a shaky institituion that if children find out gay marriage is allowed then a heterosexual marriage will have less meaning? Gee what will happen if they find out people get divorced? Yeah, we better start lying to our kids, and practice more censorship of what they learn, that's always a good idea.
The only argument you can make to Vote yes on Prop. 8, is that once one person gets freedom the whole damn world wants freedom! 

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