Nov 5, 2008

The Stain on our State that is Prop 8

Yes we can! Except for proposition 8 I guess, when it comes to overcoming homophobia the refrain is no we can't. Oh well, maybe in two years the narrow-minded bigots and religous zealots of California will have an epiphany like the Grinch and their hearts will grow just two percent or so, so we can overturn this travesty.

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Jan said...

I'm with you. To tell the truth, I am somewhat surprised at and saddened by the bigotry in what many of us from the east consider a progressive state. I feel like we (and I say we since the whole country is watching) have just taken one step forward and two steps back in the realm of basic civil rights. Who of us really has the right to deny the basic constitutional rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness regardless of one's personal feelings toward the matter.

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