Nov 3, 2008

HatchStyle Enum in a combo box

I wanted to use the HatchStyle enum in a combo box. No problem right, I just set the data source like this:
cmbHatchTypes.DataSource = Enum.GetValues(typeof(HatchStyle));
Well, not so fast. For reasons I can't begin to fathom (and maybe someone out there will enlighten me), when you do this you get a list that has duplicates of a few of the hatch styles. Even that would be OK if the duplicates actually existed in the enumerated list but they don't. They just cause there to be a mismatch between the combo pop up item that is displayed and the selected index into the enum. Very annoying.
To work around this I used the following brute force work-around and if anyone has a more elegant approach I'm all ears.
Array hatch_array = Enum.GetValues(typeo(HatchStyle));
List hatch_list = new Listhatch_array.Length);
foreach (object str in hatch_array)
hatch_list = (from string h in hatch_list
              select h).Distinct().ToList();

cmbHatchTypes.DataSource = hatch_list

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