Mar 2, 2008

Safari is Out of the Hunt

I used to love Safari (the Web Browser, not the expedition). The Firebug add-on made developing AJAX applications a breeze but recently the browser has been more trouble than help. It started with the 2.0 release on Windows but the problems seemed to have not only migrated to the Mac platform, they've gotten significantly worse. On windows it started crashing so frequently I actually went back to Internet Explorer. Of course that was somewhat of a pleasant surprise as by the time I went back, IE 7.0 was out and it actually seems to be a standards compliant browser (imagine that). For those of you that don't develop web apps that's not a big deal but rest assured those of us that do, curse mightily at the decision making that went on at Redmond that resulted in IE6. But, I digress, recently the version of FireFox on my Mac has gotten downright surly. I typically leave my Mac on for months between reboots, I just put it to sleep when I'm done with a session. For years now this has caused me no concern. However, now if I was using FireFox prior to setting the computer to sleep and I wake the computer and use FireFox again, not only will FireFox crash and refuse to reload but most of the time it crashes my entire Mac. I had NEVER had this happen and didn't even know OS X had the equivalent of a blue screen of death. I've never liked Safari much (it's about as compliant as IE6) so now I'm trying Camino which so far seems pretty good. I'll keep you posted.

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