Feb 27, 2008

Is Apple the New Evil Protectorate?

Now before you write me off as some heathen Microsoft Windows apologist let me say up front that I've been an Apple customer since I bought my first Apple ][ (and you know it's true because I geekily used the brackets instead of Roman Numerals). That said, Apple is really starting to annoy the crap out of me.
In the latest update to QuickTime (7.4.1) Apple stealthily removed support for playing Flash movies. And when I say stealthily, I mean WAY under the radar. Now you may think this isn't a big deal, but there are many applications and videos that just broke overnight. For example, I own several very nice plug-ins for iMovie from Gee Three that let me do many things that would otherwise require I buy Final Cut Pro. Guess what? Many of the features of those plug-ins relied on QuickTime playing Flash. So with this latest update Apple just trashed several hundred dollars worth of my plug-ins. Gee thanks, Steve. I guess not enough people were paying the big bucks for the high end package so it was time to screw the lowly consumer that was getting too much functionality out of iMovie.
But you say that of course Apple let all their developers and customers know this was coming and listed it as one of the improvements in the latest upgrade right? WRONG. As far as I can tell they told NOBODY! What a bunch of putzes. If I want this kind of abuse I already own a bunch of Windows computers.
Hey, I can hear you calling me a whiner and yelling out "For Christ's sake just downgrade to 7.4". Well, want to know what the procedure is for downgrading this particular application? That's right, I was told to RE-INSTALL THE FRICKIN' OS. (Don't think I can't hear you Window's users snickering). I gotta go, all of a sudden I feel the need to buy a Zune, a Rhapsody subscription and a Motorola phone.

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