Oct 17, 2007

Should you upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007?

Did you relearn how to type and abandon QWERTY for the DVORAK keyboard layout? I ask because August Dvorak did his studies 70 years ago, 1936 to be exact; I looked it up on Wikipedia so it must be true. We all know it's a much more efficient layout right? I mean OK, so you have to throw out all you learned about where every key is, but hey that's a small price to pay for efficiency right? What, you type 120 wpm and you don't really give a bowel movement if DVORAK will let you type 125 wpm? Well, OK then you probably DON'T want to upgrade to Office 2007. I 'm sure Microsoft (hold up sarcasm sign here) did extensive study about the efficiency improvements to be gained from removing all the menus and moving all the commands to ribbons and generally reorganizing everything so that you can't find anything, but I just find it a tiny bit annoying. The saddest part is we could have had some real improvements. I've been using a text editor on the Mac called TextMate. Now there is a learning curve worth undertaking. simplicity and elegance with incredible power and flexibility. Granted it's a programmer's tool but surely the ideas behind what makes a text editor actual FUN to use could have been put to use in Word. That's the bad news, the good news is the other day I downloaded Open Office from Sun and you know what? It's much more like using Word and Excel than the new Word and Excel. I've only had it a day but considering it runs and looks the same on Mac, Windows, Linux, your car navigation system and your Wii, I think this might be the upgrade to make.

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