May 30, 2007

MusicMatch Migration Tool

My journey from MusicMatch Jukebox to Yahoo's Jukebox, was annoying and frustrating but ultimately successful. Turns out I should have just waited several more weeks. There is now a functioning migration tool that should take all the pain out of this process for anyone converting now. You can find a version of the Yahoo jukebox that includes the conversion tool at

Immediately after installing it walks you through the migration process. Even though I had recently installed a version I ran this and now I have the Jukebox Plus version with future upgrades. If you haven't converted your MM subscription yet, this should do that too. I don't have direct experience with that part as I signed up for the Yahoo subscription and canceled my MM subscription manually. The one remaining thing I really miss is the integrated reviews that MM had. You can get close with Yahoo by clicking on the review links when they show up. It opens your browser and takes you to a web based review. Not quite as nice as the integrated approach that MM had.

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