Mar 26, 2015

Reaper Tip : Backup Your Settings

Keep multiple versions with DropBox

This is a bonus Reaper  tip for Windows 7 users. The reaperblog has a video for doing something similar for Mac.

This entry has both a written and video version of the tip. The video version is a little more explicit. If you need it, I have a blog entry on how to show hidden folders in Windows 7.


The basic idea here is to automate the process of taking your entire Reaper settings folder and making a copy of it each day in your DropBox or GoogleDrive. Since those services keep multiple versions of files you should be able to restore more than just the most recent version. You don’t need any additional tools or programs to do this under window. It takes just two steps you need to create a single line DOS batch file and you need to schedule that batch file to run every day.


Step 1: First, create a small batch file with any text editor to contain a single line

cp -r C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\REAPER E:\Dropbox\Backup\Reaper

If you want to test this first, you might want to add a “pause” command at the end so the dos window doesn’t close right away. You WILL need to replace <UserName> in the above statement with your user name on your machine. The AppData is hidden by default so you might not see it in Explorer. The above statement also assumes you installed reaper on your C drive and you have DropBox on your E drive. The latter is unlikely so change E to whichever drive you use for DropBox. If you’re using GoogleDrive make the sensible adjustment. I created a folder named “Backup” on my DropBox but you can call it whatever you want. 

I just stored the .bat file in the Dropbox\Backup folder itself.

Step 2: Use the Windows start menu and type “Task” you should see Task Scheduler at the top of the menu. Launch Task Scheduler.

SNAGHTML101fb87aNow you can use the option Create Basic Task… and walk your way through the wizard. When you get to the Actions section. You’ll select the Start a program option and select the .bat file you created in step 1. That’s all there is too it. Now at the time and frequency you specified your Reaper folder will be backup up to the cloud and you can get a previous version for however many versions your cloud storage option supports.

If you have any questions, the video version walks through all the steps on using the task scheduler.

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